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Lack of pride from the senior management of

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On receiving a fake product from I had sent a mail to the entire senior management of ShopClues alerting them of the fact that their website was facilitating something not legal. My expectation was that they will either take action, or else, defend their business model as a marketplace.

Surprisingly, the response was different, namely, Nada, None, Silence.

Looks like they are aware, but are not bothered by this - do first generation entrepreneurs have really so little pride in their work??? Very surprised!

It actually started with me trying to use the webportal to raise the issue of fake product to the ShopClues customer service. This is what I was posting, but kept getting a webserver error: has provided a fake/counterfeit product to me under the guise of original.

This must be replaced with a new, unused and original product as committed. I do not want a refund as that is the easy way out by selling fakes to unsuspecting customers and then refunding the few who are able to identifiy fakes, and thus profiteering from an illegal activity.

Please note that counterfeiting is a cognizable offence (read arrest does not need warrant) and facilitating the same is grounds for criminal prosecution as per section 102 and 103 of Trademark Act, 1999 of the Indian penal code.

Issues with the product :
A. Capacity is much less than a third of advertised as it cannot fully charge a Note 2 even after fully charging the power Bank with a 2A supply (Samsung original charger)
B. Weight is half of what it should be, around 140 grams instead of 265 grams as mentioned on the official product page.
C. Battery pack is not genuine
D. Box is not sealed
E. Old used product provided
F. No product info stickers on the box as present on genuine boxes
G. Data cables as mentioned on the box not provided
H. Generic non genuine data cable provided
I. Sticker on back is askew and does not appear genuine
J. Original manual not provided.
K. Non genuine product flier provided with spelling errors which highlights it is not genuine
L. Samsung service center has checked and confirmed that the Product code as mentioned on the back sticker is not present in any of their databases, including international database. They have found it on some Chinese site, but the products listed there are not genuine.

Rahul Raj

Back sticker
Back sticker

As suggested by the webserver error message, I then dropped a line to the webmaster :

From: Rahul Raj <What_you_expect_this_to_be @Gmail>
Date: Thu, Sep 11, 2014 at 9:53 AM
Subject: complaint : Web page error
I am getting an error while submitting complaint on the portal at around 9:45 am today.

Please have it added  as a complaint from my id:

Ref: order number 19721865
Complaint option : File an issue
Issue type : Post Delivery Issues
Sub type : Significantly different from description
Attachments : 1 image (attached)
Full text : <As above>

This got no response as well, so I finally mailed the management team:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Rahul Raj <What_you_expect_this_to_be @Gmail>
Date: Thu, Sep 11, 2014 at 5:06 PM
Subject: Fwd: complaint : Web page error

Dear Sandeep/ Team,

It is extremely disappointing to get fake products from a website which normally is in the news for the leadership.

It is even more dissatisfying to note that it is very difficult to contact your support team to get resolution for a fake product sold on (Order number 19721865, - attaching PDF as well for records). Discussing the large number of points with the call center agent is rather futile for the customer.

The option available to the buyer is to raise an issue through the web portal but the same does not work and sending mails to the webmaster (as directed on the error page) gets no response.

Request your assistance in resolving this issue and providing me with the original product as committed. On the face of it, it is a blatant attempt at fraud hoping only  a few customers will catch on, and you need to set an example out of this case on how attempts of fraud are handled by ShopClues.


Rahul Raj

PDF Attached

Back sticker
Back sticker
This got no response as well. I hope your experience is different.

In the meanwhile, spread the word people!

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