Saturday, January 18, 2014

eBay Guarantee is Worth Nothing (or very little)!

(collecting some thoughts from FB - eBay  India deleted some critical comments so it makes sense to preserve these for posterity):

On receiving a defective product from eBay, I raised the issue on their facebook wall. First, they directed me to their webapp which appears to the public as a resolution being provided but is nothing more than a mechanism where you can submit a query. Obviously they gave a poor answer again, so I decided to shame them - I pasted their response back on the wall so that everyone could see the query and results. 

eBay's response: they simply deleted all comments and disabled my write access!!

Mine does not seem to be an exceptional case, it seems to be the normal practice from eBay India as there were other critical comments that they have deleted as well.

This is what I had posted as a response to someone who had mentioned that eBay Guarantee is a great thing in a thread:

Don't buy any expensive stuff from eBay, most items are actually not covered under the eBay Guarantee. When You complain and post on their page, they will post a link for resolution.

Just so people know what happens when @ebaydotin posts links asking people to go there for quick resolution, copy pasting from what I actually got there. A) they provide no resolution and B) they are quite unapologetic about unethical business practice of misleading people with eBay Guarantee logo for products they do not intend to Guarantee:

Me: Why do you show eBay Guarantee while buying products for which you have no intention of honouring the same? Also, a 2800 word T&C with a 10 word clause for exclusion of manufacturer warranty may be legally correct, but is an unethical business practice. People should know about this behaviour.

13, Jan 2014

EBay-Unethical-Stuck-Tape:Dear Rahul, We would like to inform you that your claim has been denied as your item was under manufacture warranty and according to our eBay guarantee program we exclude item with manufacture warranty.

Also we would like to inform you that our system is designed in such a way that in every listing you will find eBay guarantee logo.

We would request you to kindly visit the service center and resolve your issue or else you can contact your seller and resolve your issue amicably. Thank you.

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  1. This was the first post:

    Do you know that the eBay Guarantee is worth NOTHING!

    Received a defective product and on raising a complaint, was told that I need to run around service centers or the non-cooperative seller to get it resolved!!! Claim got rejected as the product has a one year warranty!! If people had to do the running around service centers and stores, why would they buy online?? Just so that eBay can make 4%+ at our expense??:

    To put this in perspective, this 10 word clause is buried in their 2800 word long T&C, as ineligible, right between undergarments, body care products, perfumes and perishables like cakes and flowers.

    The even more surprising (Fraudulent(!)) practice is that you will see the *EBay Gurantee* prominently displayed on each of these ineligible product pages!! Poor corporate ethics...

    ==============Pasting "resolution" mail below ===========

    eBay Guarantee

    An eBay Guarantee* claim has been resolved

    Dear Rahul,

    We thank you for your precious time in helping us investigate the issue you faced with your purchase. We regret to inform you that after investigating the claim we are rejecting your eBay Guarantee* claim request. Click here for more information.

    Please find the details here

    Action : Buyer Claim request rejected by eBay

    Remarks : I have checked the details of your claim and have noticed that the item purchased by you is under 1 year Manufacture warranty and hence excluded from eligible transactions for filing a claim under eBay guarantee. Therefore, the claim filed by you falls under non-eligibility criteria. As a result, we have closed your claim and your request for refund has been rejected. For more information on the non-eligibility criteria to file a claim , kindly check the below mentioned link: http: In this case, my best advice to you is to contact your Seller and resolve the matter amicably. Thank you for your precious time, have a nice day


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