Saturday, January 18, 2014

DND - Complain today for a peaceful tomorrow

For ppl on Vodafone (and possibly other networks as well) and registered for DND/DNC - Simple way to lodge a complaint:

SMS to 1909 with the following:

<details of the issue - spam call/SMS, nature of call> , call/sms from <Phone No> at <HH:MM>, <DD/MM/YY>
SMS to 1909: Message text -
Spam call offering astrology services, CALL from +91xxxxxxxxxx at 17:50, 12/01/14
Note the two Commas, do not add any other comma in the message body.
Extremely easy to lodge a compl if your phone supports templates and quick response. Have had good successs with the service, with multiple land-lines being permanently disconnected.

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